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 									 									 									 									 																		 									 									 									 	INDIAN'S RIVER  DANCE



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                                    DIMANCHE 16 OCTOBRE 2011

train 079



Hooked on country

Feeling kinda lonely

Easy come easy go

Just a memory

Time that it would take / Electric slide

Pot of gold / Stealing the best

All I need is you / Quarter after one

Lover please come back

Beautiful day

Sunny day

Askin’ questions

Galway girls / Country 2 steps

Go cat go

Rhyme or reason

Burning love

Ballymore boys / La Chapelloise

Chica boom boom

Would you go with me

Giddy on up / Jig it up

Grundy gallop / Lightning polka / Rodeo princess




Trailerhood / Cowboy Charleston


Baby I lied

Wanna be Elvis

Amame / Ginet’s cha cha

Patient heart

Lindi shuffle (contra)

This and that

Not fair

Sugar and paï

Broken heart / DHSS

The flute

Good time / Good time Jackson

My old friend / Country 2 steps

Bobbi with an i

Bare essentials / Up to no good

Billy’s dance

Red hot rock’n roller

Zjozzy’s funk

Bop the B




CORLAY 16 10 2011

(Guerlédan Country)



Dancing violins

Never  ever

Cut a rug

Magic moon / Magic moon partner

Cowboy cowboy / Electric slide

Mary Mary

Cliché / Country 2 steps

Beethoven’s boogie / Cowboy boogie

Celtic C T


Hot Tamales / Rock around the clock

Leaving of Liverpool / Irish stew

Na Mara

The heartbreaker

Ginet’s cha cha / County line cha cha

Western barn dance

Another somebody / Cowboy boogie

Coastin’ / Warriors

Doctor doctor / Tush push

Celtic connection


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